Hearing Aid Repairs

While today’s hearing instruments are far more durable than those of decades past, there are times when your hearing aids may malfunction and require repair. Proper hearing aid maintenance and cleaning will help to prolong life and to prevent the need for repair. On average, most people must replace their hearing instruments within five to seven years. Depending on the particular issue, you may be able to troubleshoot or repair your hearing aid on your own. Here are a few common hearing aid checks:
  • Is the hearing aid is turned on? This seems obvious, but new hearing aid users sometimes need time to develop a usage routine.
  • Try turning up the volume. Check the volume to make sure that the volume wasn’t accidentally lowered or altered.
  • Is there wax? Any wax blocking the microphone opening or the sound outlet should be carefully removed. Excess debris can cause the hearing aid volume to seem low.
  • Check the battery. Make sure the batteries are placed correctly. You can also try changing the old batteries for new ones. Low batteries can cause distortions to the hearing aid sound.
  • Too much moisture? The leading cause of repair in hearing aids as prolonged or excessive amounts of moisture. It is advised to open the battery compartment each night and remove the batteries to allow the device to dry and air out.
  • Inspect the tubing. If your behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid tubing shows signs of wear and tear or cracking, it should be repaired.
In addition to keeping your hearing devices clean, you must also keep your ears and ear canals clean. Keeping the devices and ears free of debris can help prevent the need for hearing aid repairs. If you still have a problem and cannot fix your hearing aids yourself, we can help. Our audiologists can clean, repair, or replace the worn out parts of your hearing aids. Once the hearing aids are repaired, they are tested to ensure proper functioning. If your hearing aid malfunctions often or does not work as well as it used to, contact us for a hearing aid check. At the Goshen Speech and Hearing Center, our specialists can diagnose problems with all makes and models of hearing aids. If you are having trouble and need to fix your broken hearing aid, contact our office at (845) 294-0661.