Independent Medical Examination (IME) Professionals Servicing Orange County

Looking for Board-Certified Otolaryngologists and Audiologists?

At Goshen Speech and Hearing Center, located in Orange County, NY, our doctors are both board-certified and authorized by the state of New York to perform independent medical exams. We provide a professional and clinical setting for ear, nose, and throat exams as well as an on-site audiologist to perform hearing evaluation on the same day.

We deliver clinically informed opinions for clarification and resolution of medical claims for automotive, liability, and workers’ compensation insurance.
Understanding the importance of providing a completely unbiased exam for the claimant, we only perform exams for those we do not have a prior relationship with and do not discuss any results or treatment advice.
With our ease of scheduling and availability, we can not only ensure an appointment, but also certify a swift turn-around time for your required written report and results.

If your claimant is experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus, or any other causally related ear, nose, and throat issues, please contact us today. We work with contracted IME partnerships, insurance companies, law firms, and self-insurers.


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